Tuesday, May 25, 2004

About me!


I 'm really interested in Law. I think it is a comprehensive field of study with a great number of interesting things to know. It includes a variety of subjects, such as:

Civil law, that itself includes a lot of subjects like: the law of persons, nationality, marriage , divorce, the law of contracts, the law of torts, the law of properties , the law of succession & etc.
Criminal law
International law
IT law : The law covering Information Technology
Commercial law
E-commercial law & etc.

I’m interested in Iranian literature & also literature of the world. In my leisure time I’m often busy reading poems, novels, short stories & etc. Also I write poems and short stories myself. If you know Farsi you can read some of my poems here:

I love poems of Hafez, the greatest poet of Iran. And also I enjoy Sa’di, Mowlavi & Ferdowsi’s poems. And from the contemporary poets I enjoy poems of Shahriar, Parvin, Sohrab, Akhavan, Monzavi, H.E.Saye & GheisarAminpoor.
The books that I enjoy are:
• “Man –e- Oo” & “Azbe” written by: Reza Amirkhani
• “The Little Prince” written by: Antoine de Saint Exupery
• “The Alchemist” written by: Paulo Coelho
• “I Turn Off The Lights Myself” written by: Zoya Pirzad
• “Soovashoon” written by: Simin Daneshvar
• “The Prorhet & The Madman” written by: Gibran Khalil Gibran
• Ali Shariati's books
• Shakespeare’s works &etc.


I 'm intrested in mountain climbing.


I enjoy “The Others” &“The Truman Show”.
Also I 'm intrested in hatmai kia's works.

I’m working in VK (Virtual Knowledge) company since summer 2003.


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